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Delivering SAFE ... (Sustainable, Affordable, Flexible, Effective), Water, Energy, Legionella & Pathogen control solutions though ongoing innovation.

Our primary focus is to deliver SAFE Solutions and Technologies ... for the following Sectors:

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We are please to announce the addition of AQUADRON disinfection and Legionella Control to our range of SAFE Innovative Solutions.

We will help our client's meet increasing strict regulatory requirements for public safety; environmental discharge consent requirements for waste, and will evaluate opportunities for safe, cost effective resource conservation, remediation and re-use.

We will work with you to achieve a better CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility) profile with your customers and investors, through our low cost and affordable solutions.

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Is Your Biocide Legal? - Biocide Directive

It is possible that more than half of the water treatment biocides on the market in the UK are illegal – does that surprise you? … it certainly surprised us!

AQUADRON UK has rebranded with new dedicated websites

AQUADRON UK We are excited to announce that Aquadron UK has been rebranded with new dedicated websites, and Aquadron® is a German disinfection technology. The system is installed at hundreds of sites around the world. It is effective as a water treatment system, for the control of pathogens such as Legionella, and is used as a disinfectant system in many industries including the food industry, brewing and beverage industries and at agricultural sites.